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VIAVI Authourised Service Centre

As Viavi Authourised Service Centre for Avionics & Radio Test Set Products like IFR6000 , IFR4000 , 3920B , GPSG1000 and legacy products…. Our calibration are OEM certified and according to ISO17025 standards

System Integration

System Integration is the process of integrating all the physical and virtual components of an organisation’s system. The physical components consist of the various machine systems, computer hardware, inventory, etc. The virtual components consists of data stored in databases, software and applications. The process pf integrating all these components, so that act like a single system, is the main focus of system integration.

On-Site Calibration

We understand that your company depends on its equipment to run productively in order for your business to continue its successful operations. We are proud to offer our customers the same high level of quality for their on-site calibration needs as we provide in-house in our environmentally controlled laboratory.

Whether nationally or internationally, our highly trained and qualified technicians can provide on-site calibration service giving your company the advantage of on site calibration for equipment that cannot be easily moved.


Our Consultancy is a platform to spotlight outstanding professionals, specialist jobs, and top-level projects around the world. By means of our unique worldwide network, we have the ability to meet the demands of Local, International-oriented clients and professionals who require accomplished specialists and/or scarce know-how.

Maintenance Services

All of our resources are multifaceted and come with years of commended performance. Project service rate is 97%, 3% is attributed to unforeseen situations like project shutdown, health issues, relocation, etc. We appreciate the experience that our candidates bring from various industries and we like to leverage it for the mutual benefit of both clients and candidates.

Equipment Rental

Our aim of having this Rental Business is specially designed for companies who wish to utilize the functions of a wide suite of test and measurement equipment yet at the same time avoiding the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating the equipment.

Repair Services

We have a team of experts who make appliance repair an easy thing for you, and ensuring smooth functioning of equipment before leaving. Our team of repair engineers are capable of repairing all major brands and models.

We work very closely with our customers and ensure that we live up to their expectations. As a growing company, we believe in offering excellent, advanced and cost effective repair services across a wide range of appliances to deliver a great user experience, improved performance and the kind of handy tech services that every different user demands.

Used Equipment

We work together as a team to constantly deliver quality products and professional services to achieve total customer satisfaction for our customer.

With our highly trained and experience technicians in heavy machinery, we are confidence in providing quality service and quick response time for our valued customer.

Multivendor Calibration

Cal-Asia’s One-Stop Calibration Services ensure ongoing accuracy and availability of test assets, as well as electrical, physical, dimensional and optical equipment from virtually any manufacturer. This helps engineers develop, deploy and maintain test systems at a lower cost.